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Tour Etiquette

1. The Tour Director is the leader of all tours unless he/she delegates this role to a designated Tour Leader.
2. Model A cars should stay in their assigned order, with no passing.
3. Model A’s should not scatter out, but leave a five-car length between cars so on the two-lane roads they can be safely passed by people not in our group. Don’t follow too closely and don’t lag too far behind.
4. Keep your speed constant and avoid sudden spurts. Normal touring speeds will be established at the start of the tour by the Tour Director or Tour Leader.
5. In case of trouble, flip on your car headlights. Watch the car behind you, if their lights come on, turn yours on also and start slowing down. The car in front of you will pass on the signal up the line, the leader will stop the tour as soon as it can be done safely. If you must stop suddenly, give the cars behind you warning, and pull off the road as far as possible. The cars behind you will stop, the leader will stop the tour and return to see what assistance is needed. No one is left stranded on the road on purpose. If signals are given that you need help, you will probably get more help than you ever dreamed of. Some spare parts, water, tools and gas are carried along on every tour. Try to take something along you might need, but if you don’t have what you need, chances are that someone else does or will help you get it.
6. Cell phones shall be the primary way of communicating during tours. Please obey the law when using your cell phone by pulling over, using blue tooth or having your passenger make calls. The Tour Director or Tour Leader will compile a list of tour member cell phone numbers and will distribute it at the start of each tour.
7. Modern cars are welcome to accompany us on tour. They must follow at the rear of the tour and never pass. They must stay at the rear unless the Tour Leader gives them permission to pass in order to take pictures, set up picnic site, meet at next designated stop or other reasons that warrant the use of greater speed.
8. Arrive at the tour departure place in enough time to attend the drivers’ meeting. The Tour Director of Tour Leader will assign car positions and mention departure times, rest stops and etc.
9. Pull over as far to the right as possible when traffic is backed up behind us. The last car in line will determine when to pull over. If possible (i.e. cell signal available) he/she will call the Tour Leader and let them know he/she is pulling over for traffic. If you see a car behind you pull over, but his/her lights are not on, you will know it is for traffic and not for a mechanical problem. Watch the car behind you.
10. We strongly recommend you carry a fire extinguisher in your Model A.
Tours are lots of fun and are very safe. Bring your “A” out and come along. Every member who has ever toured has needed help at one time or another, so, if you ever need help, don’t be too proud or embarrassed to ask for it. Most of our members just love to tear into somebody else’s Model A.

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